Tactical Options

Learn to successfully and systematically buy call and put options on major stocks. This is where the big money is made. When markets are trending well, our proprietary system has repeatedly reeled off profits of 40% to 80% on options trades lasting as little as an hour. …. You get: Same daily market analysis as Fast Track … + daily equity options recommendations ... + a weekend report recapping the week’s activity.

$300 / Month or $3000 / Year

Precision ETFs

Learn to navigate successfully through volatile, hostile environments by actively building and adjusting a long-term portfolio of sector, index and commodity ETFs. You will also regularly receive ETF options recommendations to take advantage of volatility and chaos. Our aim on each options trade is a profit of +40 to +80%, so we are not messing around. …  You get: Same daily market analysis as Fast Track … + an active but patient sector, index and commodity ETF portfolio … + daily ETF options recommendations.

$200 / Month or $2000 / year