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Strategic Advantage

Our flagship service, Strategic provides an entertaining, opinionated, educational daily commentary on economic, corporate, geopolitical, influences on markets. It also provides a systematic approach to buying stocks, ETFs and funds for long-term capital appreciation and yield. Daily delivery. 

Every evening you will receive an email containing a sassy recap of the day's market-moving news from around the world that puts all the contradictory action into a fresh perspective. We'll tell you whether to get invested, stay invested, or bail in no uncertain terms or confusing jargon. You will get four regularly updated, battle-tested portfolios: 1) RiskTaker, containing 5-10 ETFs aimed at providing the most bang for your buck at each turn of the cycle. 2) YieldSeeker, containing 3-5 funds aimed at providing the most income with the least volatility; 3) StrataGem, containing our 10 stocks each month, based on a proprietary version of the MSN StockScouter rating system co-developed by Jon Markman; 4) Strategic Value, containing up to 15 statistically cheap, mostly unappreciated stocks with superior long-term return potential; 5) Strategic Growth, containing up to 15 high-beta "story" stocks that represent an important market theme and are expected to grow into their valuations.

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Tech Trend Trader

Tech Trend Trader provides a value-oriented approach to buying emerging technology stocks for long-term capital appreciation. Focus on recent IPOs and small-caps with the most potential to become big-caps. Researched/edited by Jon Markman. Published by Weiss Research. 3x/week.

This newsletter is published and serviced on a separate website published by our partner, Weiss Research. It is exclusively devoted to the stocks of technology companies that have come public within the past four years. You will get recommendations for up to 30 emerging tech stocks in a portfolio format—complete with entry, target and stop prices—and a front-row seat to the most interesting and useful new technologies shaping society, business and governments today. You'll learn how to profit from such developments as cloud computing, the growth of the Chinese consumer Internet, social media, streaming video and much more. This service has a value orientation, so it is much more likely to recommend IPOs after they have fallen 25% to 50% than the week of issuance.

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