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About Markman Capital Insight

Markman Capital Insight is an independent investment research firm focused on helping individuals and institutions take more and smarter risks in equity, options and futures trading.

Founder and chief executive Jon D. Markman and his team leverage three decades of trading and portfolio management practice, software industry work, and business journalism experience to provide easy-to-read daily and weekly newsletters that educate, entertain and enrich customers who seek to sidestep the overpriced pros on Wall Street and economically manage their own portfolios for retirement in the future and speculation now.

Markman and his team believe that ordinary people from all walks of life can learn to turn both bear and bull markets to their advantage by learning to time and exploit the ebbs and flows of market sentiment, global finance, commodity scarcity, corporate earnings and technological developments.

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Jon’s books

A pioneer in the development of stock-rating systems and screening software

Leveraging three decades of experience, wide-ranging contacts throughout the global investment industry, 
a passion for quantitative finance and an eye for value, Jon is the principal author of our equities and options research services and editor of our futures services.



Markman won the Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Financial Journalism for his columns exposing mismanagement of the S&P 500 in 2002


Society of Professional Journalists awards for his 2001 reporting on Enron and the post-Sept. 
11-investment environment


Won in 2007 for explaining the global roots and pathways of the Great Financial Crisis.


Co-author of two US patents awarded to Microsoft for Investment Management Software.


Awarded for the Rodney King Riots Coverage at the LA Times.


Awarded for the coverage of Northridge Earthquake Coverage.

Meet Our COO

We create paradigm shifting technogies and market building companies worldwide


Joe Markman


Serving as chief operations officer is Jon’s son, Joe, an accomplished entrepreneur who specializes in on-line marketing and systematic management. Joe started his first successful business in high school after learning to turn his passion for scuba diving into a shoreline restoration service in Seattle. For the next six years, he hired dozens of divers every spring and trained them to remove invasive species of plants to improve lakeside waterfronts and the health of the region’s underwater ecology.

Working out of a warehouse in the industrial Georgetown section of the city, Joe developed unique ways to market his services to a wealthy and demanding clientele via radio and social media advertising.

Joe sold his company to a firm associated with a national waste-management company after moving to Austin, Texas, and now brings his considerable organization and marketing skills to Markman Capital Insight. ...Read more

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