Markman Capital Insight

Gemini 252 snags 2.9% profit

Our futures programs Gemini 252 grabbed another quick profit out of the recent volatility, switching back to the long side of the market after a quick foray on the short side. The system bought one S&P 500 E-mini contract into the Portugal-related weakness on July 10 and July 13, and then sold into the Monday strength for a $650 gross profit, worth 2.9% to the system's model $22.5k portfolio.

On a net basis, or clear of subscription cost and commissions, Gemini 252 is now up 45.3% this year, while its sister system, Gemini SGX, is up 50.3% net.

These are more than 6x the broad market, while only putting a third to two-thirds of your trading stake at risk for short periods of time. Compare that to the 7% return of the S&P 500, for which you would have to put your entire portfolio at risk all year.

Give us a call if you would like information on how to join. (Past results might not be indicative of future performance; all accounts may not achieve comparable results; futures trading involves substantial risk of loss; only speculate with capital you can afford to lose.)