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Welcome to our new home

The website of a financial publishing firm is like a school, store, library and theater all in one. It's a place where you can learn intensively about investing and trading, or just kick back and absorb.

I started my first investment newsletter 13 years ago with a small site after my hedge fund was sold, and have done two major updates since. The last one was in 2008, so a fresh, stylish update has been long overdue. And here it is. Hope you like it.

Let me tell you why it's here. My lifelong passion as a journalist, investor and adviser has been to discover the truth and then tell the world about it. The truth is hard to find because it suits the powers-that-be -- government officials, corporate officers, big fund managers -- to veil it in mystery. Digging it out takes a lot of effort and persistence but it's worthwhile because one of our key tasks as investors is to figure out who has a false belief, and trade against them.

If you find the truth and know who has a false belief, then you should capitalize  with all the muscle you can muster. The most successful investors are the ones who have a high level of conviction about a unpopular idea and bet as much on it as practical and prudent.

Thus our new motto, "Risk rewarded." Find the right risk, and bet enough to be duly rewarded.  

It's very simple. The focus of our business is to help motivated, independent, confident investors learn how to take smarter, more calculated risks to meet their financial goals.

Our research and experience suggest that most people today are too timid following two bear markets in the past 15 years, and can take more risk than they think. They just need better tools to gain more confidence in their choices.

We want to help people break free of the chains snapped on them by academics and scolds who insist it is impossible for non-professionals to succeed in markets. We do that by providing tested, scientific, systematic approaches to buying stocks, ETFs, options and even futures. I would even say especially futures, which deserve at least a small place even in conservative investors' portfolios when done right.

We accomplish our goal by publishing or editing nine separate newsletters:

  • Four focused on timing financial futures: Gemini 252, Gemini SGX, Gemini VF1, Gemini TY.
  • One focused on index options: Counterpoint Options.
  • One focused on equity options: Tactical Options.
  • One focused on a timing the Nasdaq 100 and trading  tech stocks: Tech Trend Trader
  • One focused on short-term stock and option "swing" trading: Trader's Advantage
  • One focused on global markets, value stocks and ETFs: Strategic Advantage   

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If you are already a member of one of the Gemini services, Tactical Options or Strategic Advantage, your username, password, permissions, subscription history and payment instructions have all been migrated automatically to this new site. Subscriptions that are on auto-renew will continue to auto-renew. Just as previously, our newsletters and other updates will both be emailed to members and available on the website. There are no whiz-bang features on the new site, but we think it will be easier to navigate while providing a lively, clean, uplifting look and feel.

If you like what you see in the new website, most of the credit goes to our marketing partner, GreenRubino and their affiliate, website developers Helpful Human.The great images on the home pages were created by Chris Noble, an old friend who is a legendary outdoor sports photographer based in Utah; check out his website here.

All major website changes take some getting used to, so if you don't care for the new look at first just give it some time. And if you have trouble finding pages or need help in any way, be sure to email or call us.

Some new features:

  • Members and the public  will have the opportunity in mid-March to sign up for a new free e-letter called "Change Log." It is a lively, curated list of online articles and comments that  show how electronic and biological technology is transforming our world. Think of it as a quick way to stay up to date on the cutting edge of modern life.
  • Everyone will be able to see all of our famous charts posted chronologically in a single place due to our new relationship with Flickr. Click here to check it out. This will let you to relive time periods  via images rather than words. For instance you could  see what we were recommending the week of 10/15/14 amid an important bottom.
  • Everyone will see our new Risk Rewarded blog, where we will publish highlights of daily trading activity.
  • Starting in mid-March, we will provide a raft of short videos explaining different aspects of trading and investing, including explanations of the futures market and how to enter special types of trade instructions.
  • Also starting in mid-March, we will provide audio podcasts of recent action in markets for people who just want a quick audio hit on their mobile device rather than reading a full newsletter.
  • We will start to be a much more active participant in social media, so be sure to follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+.

One thing that will not change is our commitment to produce daily, pull-no-punches commentary on corporate, economic, social and geopolitical developments that shape the investment world.

Again let me observe in advance that while the functionality of the new site has been tested internally, there is no test that can match a public launch. As a result, there could potentially be any number of glitches, ranging from auto-renewals not working properly to fonts that don't render properly, links that don't work or odd system messages. I would just ask that you bear with us through the transition period, and let us know about any trouble spots that you might encounter. Also of course let us know if you like it!