Each research service has a different focus that is appropriate for investors and traders seeking to take a different type of risk. Whether you want to leverage your funds by taking risks in options or futures, or prefer to stick with value equities, growth equities or leveraged ETFs, we have you covered. Many members have found the services diverse enough to merit taking all nine.
Question from a long time subscriber -
Jon, I have been a subscriber to your newsletter for probably 10-plus years. Was curious if you think options trading would be too steep of a learning curve to sign up for your service below? I have not traded them before
We have partnered with a professional broker who receives our signals directly.. This being said this option is only offered to customers who have ‘The BOMB.’ Please refer to your welcome email or reach out to us directly at [email protected] if you have purchased one of these services and would like to get connected.
To trade Tactical on your own, follow these steps:
  • Determine whether your current stock brokerage trades options. If so, you can trade TO recommendations there so long as the commission rates are reasonable. Big discount brokerages like Fidelity or Schwab are typically fine, but giant money center banks/brokerages like Morgan Stanley are usually too expensive.
  • There are many low-cost options brokers. One of our favorites is Tradier in Charlotte, NC. We have negotiated a special rate with them: $10 per month subscription rather than commissions. Here’s the link: Click
  • An options order looks like this in our letter:
  • In this case we were recommending near-month calls on uranium miner Cameco Corp.
  • Elements are: Symbol, strike price, expiration month, limit price, direction, time in force, side and exit targets.
  • The base symbol is same as the stock symbol. The strike price in this case is $27. The expiration month is May; most options we recommend will expire on the third Friday of the month. The limit price is most we recommend paying for the option. Direction is either a “call” (positive bet) or “put” (negative bet). “Side” will almost always be “buy to open.” The order “time in force” is “day only,” which means the order expires at 4:00 pm ET if not filled. The two recommended exits are typically 40% and 80% above the order level. The stop typically starts at -30% but tightens as a trade progresses.
  • If the order fills, immediately enter the first target level and a stop level as instructed. . If you can enter both a target and stop, enter both. If you can only enter one, enter the target level. Usually the stop is not live until 11 am ET, so just be ready to sell the position manually if the price hits the stop level at 11:00 ET or later.
  • This may sound complicated but once you do it a few times you will become second nature and you will be able to enter an order in a minute or so.
  • Before you hit the Submit button, double check all your info: The symbol, strike price, the direction, the limit price for the entry and the limit price for the exit.
  • If you have any technical questions, call the brokerage help desk. For anything else, you can call or email us.
Market participants tend to over-react to potential negative events with too much fear, and over-react to positive events with too much complacency. In this letter, members learn to take advantage of big changes in market volatility through the options market. In short, you will learn to welcome and profit from volatility rather than being scared of it or victimized.

Every afternoon, you will receive recommendations to buy calls or puts on one or more equity, credit or volatility indexes, such as the SPDR S&P 500 (SPY), the iShares Russell 2000 (IWM), the S&P 500 Volatility Index (VIX), the iPath Vix Short-Term Futures fund (VXX) or iShares 10-year Treasury Bond fund (IEF). You will learn how to scale into positions up to two times to lower the average cost, and how to exit with profits at targets or stops. On Fridays, you will receive a summary of the active positions and timely, useful observations on volatility.

This letter is written/edited by Markman Capital Insight but published at Investorplace Media.
Members learn to trade equity options for short-term profits of 40% to 100%-plus. You will receive one to four new recommendations per seek to buy puts or calls on major, high-volume stocks or sector ETF, as well as targets and stops. This is no-nonsense, right-to-the-point signals newsletter that is published almost every evening.
That's not really a question, but we'll go with it. Our letters are not dependent on any single market direction. Plus the systems will surprise and amuse you by finding success in unexpected ways. When a market is falling, the systems often look for opportunities to go long reaction rallies, and vice-versa when a market is rising the systems often look for chances to go short reaction declines.
We have partnered with a professional broker who receives our signals directly.. This being said this option is only offered to customers who have ‘The BOMB.’ Please refer to your welcome email or reach out to us directly at [email protected] if you have purchased one of these services and would like to get connected.
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We can be reached in 2 ways.
  • Email our SUPPORT here → [email protected]. If any questions come up over the course of your journey with us reach out! We would love to help you.
  • Need more immediate assistance? Call Joe Markman! His hours are 10am to 4pm CST Monday through Thursday. His phone number is 206.271.4407. Please leave a voicemail with your name and number, I may be on the other line.
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