Markman Capital Insight

Tactical Options

Systematic, opportunistic approach to the short-term trading of options on equities and sector ETFs. This is a snappy, no-nonsense letter that recommends up to four plays on puts and calls at a time. Trade rationales include technical trading patterns; expectations of a change in sentiment; seasonal tendencies; proprietary relative strength measures; and corporate events such as earnings or product announcements. Daily delivery.

You will get up to four separate plays at a time. We focus on highly liquid trades that are easy to enter and exit. Each recommendation includes an explanation of the trade rationale, an entry level, two target levels, and a stop, along with expiration date and the date of the underlying company's next earnings release. You will learn options tradecraft along with the trade descriptions. All recommendations are for in the money, or slightly out of the money, options in near-month or next-month expiration series. Stops are lifted as a trade progresses. Typical goals are for 40% to 200% profit per exit. Go big or go home.

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CounterPoint Options

Systematic, opportunistic approach to trading volatility via S&P 500, Russell 2000, Nasdaq 100, gold, crude oil and sector SPDR options.  This is the only letter in the world specifically devoted to speculation on market volatility. You will learn to welcome explosions and plunges in sentiment rather than worry about them as a proprietary algorithm helps you buy and exit puts and calls with the steely resolve of a riverboat gambler.  Only dispassionate contrarians survive. Daily delivery.

You will get up to four separate plays at a time. The Counterpoint Options system recommends in-the-money, near-month SPY, IWM, QQQ, GLD and USO calls and puts.  The system delivers entry and exit recommendations on limit orders once a day in an easy-to-follow email format. Plays take as little as a day or as long as a month to achieve their targets or stop out. Goals are 30% to 100% returns per contract. Fast, systematic action for Type-A types who want to trade from high-probability set-ups rather than from the seat of their pants.