Markman Capital Insight

Strategic Advantage

Our flagship service, Strategic provides an entertaining, opinionated, educational daily commentary on economic, corporate and geopolitical, influences on markets. It also provides a systematic approach to buying stocks, ETFs and funds for short- and long-term capital appreciation and yield. Daily delivery. 

Every evening you will receive an email containing a sassy recap of the day's market-moving news from around the world that puts all the contradictory action into a fresh perspective. We'll tell you whether to get invested, stay invested, or bail in no uncertain terms or confusing jargon.

You will get two regularly updated portfolios:

1) Overwatch is a market-timing engine that provides recommendations to buy one to four triple-leveraged equity index or commodity ETFs. Holding time ranges from a day to months but averages around 10 days. 

2) Strategic Buy List  contains a) statistically cheap, mostly unappreciated stocks with superior long-term return potential; and b) high-beta "story" stocks that represent an important market theme and are expected to grow into their valuations.