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Least Risky
Fast Track

An endless loop of leveraged SPY trades + a tight portfolio of “unsullied” stocks to accelerate wealth-building + daily market analysis

$75 / Monthly

Flagship Service
Strategic Advantage

Daily market analysis + lively update on tech news + tech stock buy list + tech “deep dives”
+ leveraged QQQ trades in endless

$150 / Monthly

Most Diversified
Precision ETFs

Daily market analysis + patient but active sector ETF portfolio + ETF options recommendations
to diversify and juice up wealth building

$200 / Monthly

Most Aggressive
Tactical Options

Daily market analysis
+ high-octane daily recommendations
of put and call
options tagged by
our proprietary

$300 / Monthly

Smiling-Face-Heart-Eyes Best Value

Achieve financial freedom and become the heavy hitter
among your friends with our entire suite
of systems and

$540 / Monthly

Daily Leveraged S&P 500 Trading

Yes No No No Yes

Daily Leveraged Nasdaq 100 Trading

No Yes No No Yes

Sector/Index ETF Trading

No No Yes No Yes

Daily Market News & Trend Analysis

Yes Yes No No Yes

Tech Company Deep Dives

No Yes No No Yes

Tech Stock Recommendations

No Yes No No Yes

Daily ETF Option Trades

No No Yes No Yes

Daily Equity Option Trades

No No No Yes Yes

30% Annual Gain Aim*

Yes No No No No

40% Annual Gain Aim*

No Yes No No No

50% Annual Gain Aim*

No No Yes No No

100% Annual Gain Aim*

No No No Yes No

220% Cumulative Aim*

No No No No Yes

BONUS - Exclusive Access to MCI Trading Concierge

No No No No Yes

BONUS - Members Only "Ask Me Anything" Section ($10,000 value per year!)

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

BONUS - Once a quarter Zoom Group Calls with Jon ($12,000 value per year!)

No No No No Yes

BONUS "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator"

No No No No Yes

* Not guaranteed. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.