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What our clients say

Thank you Markman Capital!

As I talk about Jon to my friends and family, I focus mostly on the fact that I've followed him for over 20 years. He gives clear investing advice in high-growth industries that make it easy for me to determine when to get in and when to get out. And on top of that he will take complicated topics and break them down in a way anyone will understand.

Bob B

Easy to implement and profitable

I just wanted to send a big Thank You for all your fine work. It's reassuring to know that an average retail investor, such as myself, can still profit in these turbulent markets from your Tactical Options recommendations. So far, your recommendations have been timely and easy to implement, not to mention profitable $$. Keep up the great work.

Sergei M

I ended up getting a masters degree in analyzing companies

I loved that Jon took a journalistic view on this. No analyst jargon. … I was trying to learn how to invest logically and deliberately. Using information that was available and taking my personal bias out of it. … I ended up getting a master's degree in analyzing companies. … Jon keeps me honest. I don't convince myself of alternate realities. … “I felt I might be getting boondoggled by the CNBC analyst. … Other newsletters won't tell you others' opinions. It's not a journalist's viewpoint.

John K

What I like about Jon and the newsletter is that he eliminates emotion, just facts. And he isnt lopsided!

Russ R

When you made your prediction, you mentioned DIA, QQQ, and SPY, and I bought all three. I'm currently up 13%, 8%, and 10% respectively!! Thanks!

Joe O

It's the one thing that I read every morning.

Sam F

What I found myself doing is when I dont have that background news on and when I dont have my finger in the pie on what things are kind of happening. It annoys the hell out of me and it bothers me. I feel kind of dumb and and I feel like a victim. I feel like Im not in the drivers seat. With the strategic advantage newsletter what happened was. I started getting and reading it and reading it and then I felt like I couldnt do without it. Really.

John K

I have never found anyone as knowledgeable

In the early days of emerging Internet business web sites and personal investing capabilities, I found Jon Markman and his style and acumen in using screening programs to identify stocks was very innovative for that period in time. I had followed other services but have never found anyone as knowledgeable, communicative, straightforward and honest as Jon. I continue to this day looking forward to Markman Capital daily newsletters and recommendations and I continue to make money. Thank you Markman Capital!

Michael E

I thoroughly enjoyed the recommendations.


I love the lightness of it. I don't have to read a huge daily report to get my picks. A great mix of puts and calls.

David R

The letter is informative in a way that is not over the top and I understand it. I like the dry sense of humor that creeps into the writing. The advice is generally pretty solid and works

Thomas O

You have been great for me! Certain stocks that I wouldn't have thought about, especially Dell and Cadence Design. I just love reading your articles! Really good observations.

James M

He is the ultimate stock market geek. To me, Jon Markman = credibility.

Jim C

It's a part of necessity because I hear the CEO of salesforce talk about where they are taking the company and then I hear Jon's take on it and it's kind of different. Jon would have his take on it and I needed that or I felt like I was getting boondoggled by an ex-goldman sachs analyst that just needed to say something. And has a good take but Jon would source other information from people and bring that forward which is really valid. Other newsletters wont do that.

John K

I'm a lazy investor, I want to focus on my personal life

The bigger picture is I am a lazy investor. I don't want to find out what these companies do and I want to focus on my personal life. Every morning I read his letter and get a pulse for the market. He consolidates what is happening now. … I love investing and I love growing money. This newsletter is a great way to do this. … It’s one place to observe the latest trends of our world, whether it is the cloud, cashless payments, autonomous driving, Internet advertising… etc.. I don't know where else you would find a newsletter that covers all this in only a 5- to 10- minute read.

Gary S

What appeals to me is that he just has a thoughtfulness and decree of intelligence and integrity that is unmatched in media.

Rachel C

I have been a customer for 13 years what has kept me around is I love Jon's approach to market timing.

Stephen S

I have been a long-time subscriber, beginning in 2009. Based upon his newsletter in July 2014, I had the good foresight to invest $15,000 in Nvidia and held on ever since. With a 4 to-1 stock split that $15,000 is worth $1,500,000 as of mid-July (2023). For me, this was a stock buy of a lifetime. Getting this newsletter was certainly worth it's price.

Fred L