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We leverage three decades of experience in stocks and options research, wide-ranging contacts throughout the global investment community, and a passion for helping customers benefit from our pioneering work in the development of stock rating systems.


Principal Analyst - Jon Markman

Our founder won the prestigious Gerald Loeb Award for his journalism explaining how grave mistakes in the construction of the S&P 500 contributed to the length and depth of the 2000-2003 dot-com bear market.


What will you get

We’ll tell you whether to get invested, stay invested, or bail in no uncertain term.

Though recommendations vary based on tactical strategy chosen, most entry signals occur around 9:45am ET, while exist signals are typically received around 9:45am ET or 3:30pm ET.

Choice of strategies

3x, 2x or 1x leveraged index ETFs

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Short-term timing

A strategy focused exclusively on it

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Target gain

50% per / year

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Recent Trades & Outcomes

We have been forecasting and covering the migration of businesses and consumers to the cloud for 20 years, and believe there is atleast a couple of decades’ worth of value yet to be created.

Recent Trades Analytics

We’ll step aside while we let the results speak for themselves


Invesco QQQ Trust


Dow Jones Industrial Average SPDR (DIa)


S&P Biotech SPDR (XBI)


ProShares Ultra Short 20+ Year Treasury (TBT)


Consumer Discretionary Select Sector (XLY)

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Expert Analysis

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Expert Analysis

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Expert Analysis

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Our trades average a 40% win rate for our subscribers

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