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We’ll tell you whether to get invested, stay invested, or bail in no uncertain terms.

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Tap into our unique daily analysis of news and sentiment to improve your trading win rate and understanding of the fast-changing world of global finance. Knowledge is power.

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Learn to trade the S&P 500 successfully with leveraged swing trades. We don’t just teach you to fish – we also we hand you a freakin’ fish!

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Access to an exclusive portal where you can ask Jon anything!

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Recent Trades & Outcomes

We have been forecasting and covering the migration of businesses and consumers to the cloud for 20 years, and believe there is at least a couple decades’ worth of value yet to be created.

Recent Trades

We’ll step aside while we let the results speak for themselves






Cadence Design


Pool Corp


Pro Logis

Advantages of Fast Track Trading Strategy

Safest way to leverage with options

Expert Analysis

Daily Trade Recommendations

Stay in your lane with unswerving focus on the S&P 500 (SPY)

Real-Time Trade Alerts

High Win Rates

Take a faster road to riches by losing less and gaining more as our AI-based, proprietary algorithm serves as pit crew and coach

High Win Rates

30% Annual Portfolio Growth

No guarantees of course, but aiming for around 3% gains per month over time will accelerate your path to the life of your dreams

Become a Smarter Investor – and a Master of Disaster – in Minutes a Day

Great investing demands a strong stomach as the most lucrative decisions must be made at the scariest times. We have 5 newsletters to help you to win.